Network Outage in our Cloud Email Solution - Our ISP blocked outgoing email sending temporarily as some of our customers sent Bulk/SPAM Emails Reported
Priority - High Affecting System - Cloud Email Solution


  1. We have support requests from our customers on email sending.
  2. We have noticed that port 25 is blocked and Outgoing email sending is not working properly.
  3. Upon communicating with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) we came to know that one of our email servers' IP addresses is blocked for email sending (port 25) as they have received multiple SPAM reports.


  1. You will notice that some emails are not delivering and you are receiving undelivered bounce-back messages.


  1. Since the outage happened from our ISP end and It's a legal issue It will take a longer time to get fixed. Please be patient.
  2. Due to the complex architecture of the Email System, It's not possible to route emails with different IP addresses without any downtime. So communicating with our ISP to remove the blockage is the best option for us.

Workaround from our end:

  1. We have limited options for a workaround to resume the service immediately.
  2. We have taken the matter to the highest priority and our legal (trust & security) team is communicating with our ISP to fix the issue at earliest as possible.
  3. To protect our network in the future we are also going to identify the users sending SPAM emails and suspending their services.
  4. We will make our antispam technology stronger. Our new technology will automatically scan every email before sending it from our servers to protect our network in the future and avoid this kind of downtime in the future. As a result of implementing Outgoing SPAM Monitoring technology, you may notice a few milliseconds of delay than before. We do apologize for the same.

Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

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