Network Outage in our Cloud Email Solution - Our ISP blocked outgoing email sending temporarily as some of our customers sent Bulk/SPAM Emails Resolved
Priority - High Affecting System - Cloud Email Solution


  1. We have support requests from our customers on email sending.
  2. We have noticed that port 25 is blocked and Outgoing email sending is not working properly.
  3. Upon communicating with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) we came to know that one of our email servers' IP addresses is blocked for email sending (port 25) as they have received multiple SPAM reports.


  1. You will notice that some emails are not delivering and you are receiving undelivered bounce-back messages.


  1. Since the outage happened from our ISP end and It's a legal issue It will take a longer time to get fixed. Please be patient.
  2. Due to the complex architecture of the Email System, It's not possible to route emails with different IP addresses without any downtime. So communicating with our ISP to remove the blockage is the best option for us.

Workaround from our end:

  1. We have limited options for a workaround to resume the service immediately.
  2. We have taken the matter to the highest priority and our legal (trust & security) team is communicating with our ISP to fix the issue at earliest as possible.
  3. To protect our network in the future we are also going to identify the users sending SPAM emails and suspending their services.
  4. We will make our antispam technology stronger. Our new technology will automatically scan every email before sending it from our servers to protect our network in the future and avoid this kind of downtime in the future. As a result of implementing Outgoing SPAM Monitoring technology, you may notice a few milliseconds of delay than before. We do apologize for the same.

Update: All Issues have been resolved on 10 June 2023 at 14:36 +05:30

All affected paid email customers will be compensated with a 1-year renewal from our end.

The SPAM Controlling policy has been straightened along with the Outgoing SPAM Monitor now all emails will be scanned before they get delivered from our server. Also, You can't send more than 100 Emails in a day. Abusing of our service in the future will attract an immediate suspension of the service.


Network Outage from Upstream due to subsea cable cuts Resolved
Priority - High Affecting Other - Inter Datacenters Connectivity


  1. We have got alerted multiple times about network failure, high latency, and packet loss.
  2. we have noticed high latency and packet loss during manual checks.


  1. Problems in our Control Panel. Control Panel not opening or partly loading issue.
  2. No issues on customers' websites or apps since they are backed by our backup Network architecture.
  3. Problems with our Cloud DNS & Cloud Email Services since they are not backed by our triple-stage backup Network architecture which we are working on implementing at the earliest.
  4. Problems in all services hosted in our domain name which is in the problematic Network.
  5. Services hosted in our domain names,, and are working fine.
  6. customers may notice a slow down in their website or app loading for a short period of time since one of the nameservers is hosted on our domain name which seems problematic as soon as their local ISP start fetching content from the other nameservers hosted on our other domains customers website and apps will start loading fine.


  1. Since the outage happened from our upstream provider due to a network problem raised by subsea cable cuts we are unable to immediately fix the outage and resume our services.

Workaround from our end:

  1. We have started routing the network requests of the affected network to our backup systems.
  2. We have connected the Domain name to our Backup Network System.
  3. Depending on your local ISP-level cache you will notify the service is started working.

Update 27 May 2023 01:34 +05:30:

  1. The network backbone behind our domain has been fully restored.
  2. Our Control Panels and Nameservers (hosted on our domain name are now fully working.
  3. We are still working to restore our Email Hosting & Cloud DNS Service (Free Version) as soonest as possible.
  4. We do apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. we are constantly monitoring our networks and we are also actively monitoring the affected network to spot any further abnormalities and apply the fix before any further outage happens. Your understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated.

Update 28 May 2023 02:00 +05:30:

  1. All affected services except our Cloud Email Hosting Service have been restored 24 Hours back and with our special monitoring schedule, we have not noticed any abnormality. Everything is working fine.
  2. We are still in the process of migrating the data and restoring the cloud email hosting service this includes our free and paid cloud email hosting services. We will update this status page once the issue gets fully resolved.
  3. Please note our Cloud email hosting service is still in the beta stage hence the uptime guarantee is 99% If the downtime exceeded 1% of the entire billing cycle due to this network outage we will issue Get Cloud Credits as per our SLA.
  4. Control Panel & our website is not covered by our uptime guarantee until there is no effect on the customer's website, app, or services. Hence no compensation credits will be issued for the same.

Update 31 May 2023 11:20 +05:30

  1. Our email server has been resumed on 30 May 2023 at 11:20 IST and after 24 hours of constant monitoring we would like to confirm that we have not found any further issues on the same and free & paid both email services are now working at the fullest.
  2. Some customers may not find some or all of their old email. please don't be worried this is because the old data restoration is still under process once that will get completed you will find your old emails in your email box.
  3. We do apologize for the major downtime with the email hosting service this is due to our email hosting services still being in the beta testing stage, we are constantly working to make it downtime-proof.
  4. Paid email hosting customers will some nominal compensation in the form of hosting credits.

Major Network Outage and Emergency Maintaince Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting Server - Indian Cloud and Shared Hosting - Linux


  1. We noticed some slow pings and packet loss suddenly on 30 May 2023 at 12:18 IST.
  2. We noticed some network outages and some issues with the hardware.


  1. Slow website or complete downtime for some time.

Workaround from our end:

  1. We have quickly communicated with the ISP and Hardware engineers.
  2. We have successfully fixed the network outage and also performed hardware maintenance.
  3. After this downtime, we monitored for a few couple of hours and we have not found any further issues.
  4. After this maintenance, we have noticed the server is performing better with much better speed.


Since this is a major downtime we will issue some nominal hosting credits to affected clients shortly.

Scheduled Server Maintaince Activity Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting Server - Indian Cloud and Shared Hosting - Linux

Dear customers,

             To provide you with the best service we have scheduled a maintenance activity for our Mumbai (IN) Cloud Network on 10 January 2023 from 12:00 AM to 02:00 AM


You may face a Downtime on your website/app for maximum of 10 minutes anytime within the scheduled maintenance timeframe.


Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, which may cause.



Tech Support

Get Cloud India Datacenter

Complete Service Downltime for Migration of all EIG (US Server) Email Accounts to our own Mumbai (IN) Cloud Email Server Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting Other - EIG (US) Email Server -

Dear Customers,

              With our continued effort and all of your support, we have deployed our very own Cloud Email System in our Mumbai (IN) Datacenter. Hence we are migrating all of our professional email-hosting customers from EIG's US server to our new own cloud email server at our Mumbai (IN) Datacenter.

The migration process will be commenced on 25th December 2022 at 12:00 AM +05:30 IST and will be completed on 25th December 2022 at 02:00 AM +05:30 IST

During this timeframe, your current email hosting may be usable and may be fully down. All incoming emails may bounce back to the sender with an error MX record not found or server unreachable or something else.

Thanks for your support.

Update: We could not migrate all our users to our new cloud email server - Mumbai (IN) within the expected timeframe. migrated emails will not work anymore from the old EIG (US) server anymore and client setup update details have been sent to your registered email address & also updated as a support ticket in your Get Cloud account. The rest of the email accounts will continue in service from EIG (US) server and we will reschedule another migration date & time considering the pick usage hours and update the same with another prior notice.


R&D Team

Get Cloud

Multiple resource limit reached Notification emails Resolved
Priority - Low Affecting Server - Indian Cloud and Shared Hosting - Linux

Dear customer,

         We have got repeated support tickets from our valued customers that they are receiving repeated emails from our server for hitting their allowed server limit.


We have fixed the same and now you will receive One email at the end of the day if you exceeded your server resource usage limit more than 100 times in the respective day.


If you would like to upgrade your server resource usage limit you can do so by login on your control panel at


For any further assistance please create a support ticket or mail us at or contact us via live chat. Our friendly customer support team is here 24*7 to provide you with the faster and best resolution for your problem.


Thanks for choosing Get Cloud as your cloud partner.



Immediate Server Maintaince Activity Resolved
Priority - Medium Affecting Server - Indian Cloud and Shared Hosting - Linux

Dear Customer,


you may face a short downtime of 5mins between 20 April 2022 1AM - 3AM for immediate maintenance activity which is currently undergoing in our indian cloud hosting server. We do apologize for any inconvenience which may be caused.



Team Get Cloud India Datacenter

DNS Failure of Domain Name Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting System - DNS

We have been reported that our domain name is not working. Which also denied access to our hosting control panels. Our engineers are actively working to fix the issue asap.


As an effect of this issue, you can't temporarily log in to your cloud hosting control panel.


All your website is working fine since we use Other 3 Backup DNS Backbone to provide 100% uptime to your website 


As soon as we get an update we will update the same here.


Thanks to our valued customers for reporting the issue on time.




We have applied a fix soon you can start logging in to your cloud hosting control panel. due to DNS propagation factor, It may take some time to get fixed in your location and/or ISP.


Thanks for your understanding and support.

Network issue in IN-LINUX Cloud Server during implemention of our new Anycast GEO DNS Resolved
Priority - High Affecting Server - Indian Cloud and Shared Hosting - Linux

We have noticed a network issue while we are working to implement our all-new product premium GEO DNS. Some websites hosted on our cloud server may face a short of downtime. Please accept our apologies for the same. Our engineers are working to mitigate the issue as soonest as possible. you may also receive compensation credit as per our uptime guarantee document. Thanks for your support.

Temporary Upgradation Downtime in our Secondary DNS Backbone Resolved
Priority - Medium Affecting System - DNS


To serve you more better we are upgrading our secondary DNS backbone to a extraordinary level. We have dual Premium DNS backbone to power our Cloud Hosting services.

Our Primary DNS backbone is powered by 250+ anycast edge DNS servers of cloudflare and our secondary DNS backbone was powered by 26+ anycast edge DNS servers of amazon.

To serve you more premium service we are upgrading our secondary DNS backbone to a deferent upstream partner which have 140+ anycast edge DNS servers.

Due to this upgradation process you will not face any downtime on your websites and apps since they are backed by our primary DNS backbone but you may face downtime using your control panel since that is backed by our secondary DNS backbone along with your website & app.

although you may have face slower loading speed on some ISP and locations on your website since now only our primary DNS backbone is working properly.


Thanks for your understanding and support.


Friendly Team,

Get Cloud India Datacenter

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