• Saturday, February 19, 2022

*Be Alert:*


Please be alert that you are not entertaining any email which does not originate from our domain names and don't visit any link which does not start with our domain names as follows. even we do not use any public URL shortener like bit.ly also do not send money to any suspicious account and do not answer WhatsApp / call which is not from our listed numbers. We update our domain names, phone numbers, addresses, bank details, etc. from time to time on our websites. And We don't use any generic email addresses like Gmail, outlook to communicate with you.


*Be Safe*


Phone Numbers we use
  • Hotline (for phone & whatsapp support): +91 9088569916
  • Sales: +91 9748270565
  • Sales: +91 9123802336
  • Social Media URLs as mentioned on our website


Our Domain Names

  • getcloudindia.com
  • getcloudindia.xyz
  • getindia.cloud
  • belongs our parent company Sen India Online
  • senindiaonline.in
  • senindiaonline.co.in
  • senindia.online

Our Bank Details

We do not accept any payment without an invoice raised so only make payment by paying an invoice only in our website. corresponding payment details or bank details are available with the invoice only.

Our Addresses

Regd. Sen India Online, Subhashgram, Pragatipalli, Rajpur Sonarpur, Kolkata, 700146, West Bengal, India