Congrats! If you have enabled our Auto-Renewal Feature for your Domain Names or Services. Now enjoy a worry-free & hassle-free hosting experience with us. Your Services will never get stuck or include annoying late payment charges just because you have failed a renewal date. we understand that you may not have funds to pay for renewals and/or tech support for staying updated with reminders all the time.


Here's we have two types of auto-renewal processes for you,

1. If you are a Subscription enabled Credit Card or Wallet Based Payment system, holder

Simply create a subscription with our subscription-supported payment partner (for now Paypal, Stripe) Page during your first purchase. We are not directly involved there. Please note as per the recent RBI guideline, there are some issues with Credit Cards issued by Nationalized Banks of India during subscription-based payment. please confirm from your bank earlier to create a subscription with this method.

There are multiple methods to activate the subscription.

Method 1 (Via Credit Card): 

Step 1. Log in to your Get Cloud control panel

Step 2. in the Top Menu bar Click on Billing

Step 3. click on Payment Methods

Step 4. click on Add New Credit Card

Step 5. Enter your card Details

Step 6. Select / Enter your Billing Details

Step 7. Click on Save Changes

Step 8. Complete One Time 3D bank verification on the popup window (a small refundable amount will be changed)

Step 9. If everything is ok your credit card will get added successfully and your subscription will get activated.

by next system will try to charge your credit card automatically for all pending invoices.


You can also add multiple credit cards and make a credit card as the default payment method. You can also delete or edit a credit card added previously.


2. Easy Auto-Renewal for Everyone, Exclusively with us

Simply Pre Add some lump sum funds to your Get Cloud Wallet by Navigating to Billing > Add Funds in your Get Cloud Dashboard. Also clicking the following link will straight you to that page.

Every time a renewal Invoice is Created it will get automatically paid if sufficient funds are available in your Get Cloud Wallet, and you will enjoy uninterrupted services.



Please Note: * Funds Added or available in your Get Cloud Wallet can't be withdrawn. It's usable only for renewal or purchasing new products/services from Get Cloud India Datacenter. Hence none of the Get Cloud refund policies are applicable for Get Cloud Wallet.

* We also issue 1-6% Interest on your unused laying funds in your Get Cloud Wallet. Interest Rate varies depending on the amount of funds and the time and our business condition. We never use these funds in money lending, investment, trading in the market, or high-risk capital investment in our internal projects also. We store these funds in zero risky and easily liquid able investment in a safe and nationalized bank account of India. We may also invest the fund in our internal operation where we found no risk at all. The interest we are providing is just as a reward of your laying funds as and clearing depend on our earing from banks. Considering Get Cloud Wallet funds as an investment and interest as an earning is prohibited by law. If we have found any activity like this we will immediately refund the principal Get Cloud Wallet Fund to the source of Payment.

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